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Our Wines

Try a taste of South Central PA

  • 2018 Cooper's White
    2018 Cooper's White $14

    This white Moscato has a refreshing strong flavor. It pairs nicely with fish. Spectacular to serve with light hors d' oeuvres. Hints of apple and spicy pear.

  • 2018 Dover Baby
    2018 Dover Baby $14

    White Delaware grape wine named by Chris, who is Dover born. A perfect summertime drink meant for lounging on the beach. Pear and citrus undertone

  • 2018 Cooper's Blush
    2018 Cooper's Blush $14

    As a light sweet wine, this Catawba is great paired with fruit, cheese and crackers. Smooth and enjoyable year round. Light citrus and strawberry notes.

  • 2018 Pink Lady
    2018 Pink Lady $14

    Referencing the owner's favorite movie, this Strawberry Moscato is perfect year round and refreshing for daily enjoyment.

  • 2018 Maxine's Merlot
    2018 Maxine's Merlot $17

    Named after the owner's cat and all time favorite cartoon, this smooth, un-oaked red wine is perfect with a steak or dark chocolate.

  • 2018 Zinfully Yours
    2018 Zinfully Yours $14

    This middle of the road wine may be slightly dry or barely sweet depending on your taste. Raspberry and citrus undertones.

  • 2018 Daddy Bob's Blueberry
    2018 Daddy Bob's Blueberry $14
  • 2018 Great Grandma's Concord
    2018 Great Grandma's Concord $17

    Simply described as a "mouthful of memories".

  • 2018 Very Cherry
    2018 Very Cherry $17

    Made with dark sweet cherries picked by hand, just to fill this bottle with the taste of summer. Well paired with a mixed cheese board.