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Our Team

Meet Our Crew

WINERY owner

Chris drager

As a partner of the winery, he has learned to put his knowledge and hard work into great use. A graduate of Hempfield High School, Lancaster, PA he has turned his dedication, gift of gab and hardwork into a business he loves. He is the master behind our attention to detail and strict cleanliness. As “Mister Fixit”, he also is credited for what new equipment we use and utilize in the Winery.


tahra drager

As the other half of the winery partnership, Tahra has learned a lot. Putting her love of business and degree from HACC into action, she is behind the kinds of wines we create. She has put her sarcasm into multiple names for our wines and has utilized her love for family behind others. Known as the “Brain” of Regards, she has developed our social media and advertising presence as well as worked diligently to ensure the constant growth of the winery.

Winemaking Since 1974

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