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Meet The Owners

Chris and Tahra Drager are the owners of Regard’s Wines. As something that started as a hobby, Regards has quickly become a passion for these two trouble makers.

Established in 2015, our creations and love for wine became something we enjoyed sharing with our friends and family.


What's in a name?

A little fun fact about our name came from when we were first starting to gain favor with friends and family, we asked everyone to chip in ideas for the company name.

One day, our friend, Tyffany, messaged us the word “Regard.” We weren’t immediately sold and didn’t know how it applied to wine. She laughed and quickly told us to grab a pen and paper. We reluctantly sat down with her and began writing, first the word “regard” and then our last name, “Drager.” When we took a step back, it all seemed to click!

We launched together, loved the name, and haven’t looked back in the five years since.

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