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Established 2015

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Chris and Tahra Drager of Regard’s wines welcomes you to enjoy the taste of South Central PA. From our sweet Cherry to our dry pear, we use locally sourced fruits to produce these delicious fruit wines for you. Using regionally sourced grapes and juice from New York, Ohiip, Michigan and California, is what gives us a unique opportunity to make them our own.

We use Merlot, Moscato, Zinfandel and other varietals to develop our very own flavor. Look for us at most local south central PA wine festivals!


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Chris & Tahra

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Established 2015

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  • 2018 Pink Lady
    2018 Pink Lady $14

    Referencing the owner's favorite movie this Strawberry Moscato is perfect year round and refreshing for daily enjoyment.

  • 2018 Cooper's White
    2018 Cooper's White $14

    This white Moscato has a refreshing strong flavor. It pairs nicely with fish. Spectacular to serve with light hors d' oeuvres. Hints of apple and spicy pear.

  • 2018 Very Cherry
    2018 Very Cherry $14

    Made with dark sweet cherries picked by hand, just to fill this bottle with the taste of summer. Well paired with a mixed cheese board.

  • 2019 Sibling Rivalry
    2019 Sibling Rivalry $14

    This 50/50 Concord Moscato Blend is a sweet treat.

  • 2018 Zinfully Yours
    2018 Zinfully Yours $14

    This revamped Zinfandel wine, is sweet and smooth to the taste. Pairs well with cheese and crackers or just on its own.

  • 2018 Dover Baby
    2018 Dover Baby $14

    White Delaware grape wine named by Chris, who is Dover born. A perfect summertime drink meant for lounging on the beach. Pear and citrus undertone

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